A Natural Remedy For Constipation


Following signs and symptoms indicate constipation:

No bowel movement at least once a day, gas formation (bloated stomach), drowsiness, pain in the abdomen, heaviness in stomach, mucus coated tongue, headache, loss of appetite, nausea, vertigo, palpitation.


The aggravation of vata causes constipation. Improper eating habits including eating food which is difficult to digest (such as meat) and not eating enough fibrous foods like vegetables and salads lead to constipation.

Irregular sleeping habits or emotional disturbances (stress, grief, fear or worry) are other causes for the obstruction of the passage of stool, accumulation of toxins in the colon or excessive stimulation of the nervous system.

Smoking, consuming too much tea and coffee, intake of prescription or illicit drugs can also cause constipation.


Take 5-6 dry grapes preferably black. Soak them in a glass of water and keep it overnight. Next day first thing in the morning after performing your brushing etc. eat the swollen grapes and also drink the grape soaked water. Do this for a week and constipation will be a thing of the past.


Easily digestible food should be taken. Also take plenty of fruits, vegetables and salads. Whole grain bread and cereals will certainly help in lightening the digestive pressure. Regular physical exercise is important for maintaining proper bowel movement. Sleeping hours should be regulated.

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