Ayurvedic Home Remedies: Medicinal Uses of Curry Leaves

The curry tree (Murraya Koenigii) is native to India. The curry leaves are used extensively in South Indian and Sri Lankan cooking, especially in curries. Although thrown out later, the curry leaves are essential in providing the rich aroma to the curries. Recent studies have shown these leaves to possess anti-diabetic, antioxidant, hepatoprotective properties. They are also good for hair.

Curry leaves have plenty of Vitamin A and calcium. It also contains good amounts of amino acids. The leaves tend to excite the taste buds. They also help in quick digestion. Curry leaves take care of indigestion, stomach ulcers due to excessive acid secretion in stomach, diarrhea and other similar problems. It also prevents deposition of fat in various parts of the body.

One way to control blood sugar levels in a diabetic patient is to chew and eat a couple of curry leaves along with a few pepper corns first thing in the morning on empty stomach. The effectiveness of this remedy has led to studies on anti-diabetic property of curry leaves.

Take a handful of curry leaves, a dry red chilli and sauté them in ghee. Add a pinch of salt and pinch of tamarind to this and grind all of these to a fine paste adding water as necessary. This paste is mixed in hot rice and taken as a remedy for nausea, vomiting, digestive problems, diarrhea, bloated stomach etc.

Boils and similar eruptions appear on skin during summer. Most of the boils tend to subside over time, but some may persist and remain painful. Curry leaves come handy in treating such conditions. A paste made of curry leaves is applied on these persistent boils for quick relief.

Curry leaves are known to be effective in treating premature graying. Eating the leaves helps in strengthening hair roots. Add a handful of curry leaves to a litre of coconut oil and boil it for a few minutes. This hair oil is applied to the scalp. This is found to prevent premature graying as well as curing the condition.

Along with mint leaves and coriander leaves, curry leaves can be used in treating excessive pitta conditions. Some of the symptoms of excessive pitta include nausea and vomiting in the mornings. There may be even vomiting of bile. To treat this condition, make a paste of curry leaves with ginger, fried black gram, and salt. This paste is taken with food for a couple of days. This is very effective in treating nausea and vomiting due to excessive pitta.

The calcium content in curry leaves help in strengthening the bones. This can be had as a complementary treatment for people with osteoporosis and other similar conditions of the bone.

Thus curry leaves should be taken regularly for good health. Instead of throwing the leaves away from the curry, it would do a lot of good if we eat them. Thus curry leaves taken internally can strengthen the bones, improve digestion, and strengthen hair roots. External application helps hair growth. One of my earlier posts on Ayurvedic hair care details ways to make hair oil using curry leaves for premature grey hair.

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