Ayurvedic Home Remedy Kadukkai


Botanical Name: Terminalia Chebula

Common Name: Chebulic myrobalan

Kadukkai balances the three doshas. People who take Kadukkai in the prescribed methods can safeguard themselves against stomach ailments and live a long and healthy life.

Kadukkai is used in preparation of excellent ayurvedic remedies for digestive disorders, and kayakalpa. It induces appetite. It strengthens the stomach and helps in expulsion of fecal matter. It clears skin diseases, insect bites, and is used in treating jaundice.

Diseases cured by Kadukkai: Excessive urination, wounds, cough, jaundice, excessive thirst, impotency, liver diseases, leucorrhea, excessive bleeding, piles (hemorrhoids), stomach ache, indigestion, mouth ulcers etc.

People who should not take Kadukkai: People who have fasted, pregnant ladies, people with loss of digestive capacity.

For best results avoid sex for the whole period of treatment.

Decoction of kadukkai helps in eye problems and excessive urination.

Kadukkai powdered and used for brushing your teeth stops bleeding of gums. It strengthens the gums and cures all gum diseases.

A kadukkai taken a day in the morning, for a year retards ageing and it is said grey hair would turn black.

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