Ayurvedic solution to Menstrual Problems

Ayurveda offers very effective home remedies to cure menstrual problems. Menstrual problems afflict most of the women a major portion of their life.

Couple of my earlier posts suggested some ayurvedic herbal remedies for menstrual problems.

Black gram strengthens the womb. For girls with delayed menarche, scanty menstruation, inability to conceive, painful menstruation, etc dishes made of black gram and linseed (black gram laddu, make a judicious choice of less spicy ones from this selection, etc) are prescribed to mitigate the intensity of pain and eventually cure them.

To cure irregular menstruation, delayed menarche, painful menstruation, difficulty to lactate, etc linseed and black gram were considered the ideal remedies. Drinking linseed soaked water is one easy way to benefit. Intake of kashayam made of linseed and black cumin seeds (nigella sativa) also helps. As a result of regular and judicious consumption of dishes made of black gram and linseed females can benefit from timely and regular menstruation, and get rid ഓഫ് other general debilities related to menstruation.

Sugar candy, poppy seeds, vaal milagu (java pepper), badam (almond) of equal quantities are pounded together to make a fine powder. Honey and ghee are added as required. This formulation is prescribed for women with painful menstruation. This is mixed in milk and taken twice a day, one week before the onset of the menstrual cycle. Fenugreek kashayam complements this very well.

Kungumapoo mixed in milk and taken regularly helps scanty menstruation.

In case of excessive flow, one effective remedy is found to be taking of a soup of dill seeds and fennel seeds.

To help with body pain during those days, dhanvanthiram kashayam 3 spoonful mixed in 60 ml of warm water along with dhanvanthiram tablet is prescribed. This should be taken on empty stomach morning and evening.

To help with menstrual cramps, heat dhanvanthiram oil in an iron ladle to a bearable level and apply it on the lower abdomen, pelvic, thigh areas. A few gentle strokes downward will do the trick. Also soak a small ball of cotton in the oil and place it on top of head. Allow the oil to soak for 5 - 10 minutes. Bathe after 30 minutes in warm water. Following this regimen on Tuesdays and Fridays is found to be very beneficial.

There are some more standard ayurvedic preparations that are very effective in curing menstrual problems and my subsequent posts will deal with them.

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