Ayurveda, Coconut and Cholesterol

Coconut oil has come back with a bang into the kitchens world over. What was once shunned as cholesterol causing, is now prescribed for reducing cholesterol.

People like Dr. Mercola and Dr. Harindran Nair prescribe a spoon of coconut oil every morning for reducing cholesterol (reduction of LDL and regulation of HDL).

Coconut and coconut oil have excellent medicinal and antioxidant properties. Our ancestors knew that for a fact. People of Kerala use coconut and coconut oil extensively in their daily life. The coconut milk was used in preparing very delicious dishes. The advent of vegetable and sunflower oils etc., into the Kerala lifestyle was sudden. Almost immediately sprung up stories of increase in “cholesterol” levels due to usage of coconut oil and coconut. Coconut was thus pushed forcefully down from its position of preeminence.

Now history has repeated itself. Studies now show that the level of cholesterol is on the increase even after stopping usage of coconut oil. And then came the shocking truth, the new oil which was supposed to reduce cholesterol and ‘good for heart’, has increased the cholesterol levels.

So now coconut is rich in antioxidants. Eating coconut is good for stomach ulcers. Tender coconut water is good at reducing ‘heat’. And coconut oil helps in lowering cholesterol.

Virgin coconut oil is useful in treating simple skin problems. It also helps you lose weight.

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