Ayurvedic Home Remedies: How I became a Vegetarian

It was the lent season some time back and I thought it was the best time to become a vegetarian full time, a wish that I had been carrying in my mind for quite sometime.  I grew up as a non-vegetarian, and all in my family are non-vegetarians.  I loved eating fish, chicken, mutton, and beef.  I developed a fascination for vegetarian and then a vegan lifestyle after I read about it in Steve Pavlina's blog.

Couple of my friends are vegetarians, but non-vegetarian friends outnumber them.  When I go Kerala, my native place, it is fish everywhere everyday.  Fish tasted really good some years back, when the water bodies were clean and not polluted. Now, a good number of local varieties of fish have become extinct, and the fish today in Kerala doesn't taste good as it was before.

The only time we had veggies was during the lent season, and we would strike back with vengeance on Easter.

Given this background, I was a little hesitant at first to adapt a fully vegetarian lifestyle but the longing for a vegetarian way of living began to grow stronger. Coupled with my interest in Siddha and Ayurveda systems, which advocate a vegetarian lifestyle, and coming to know of the way chickens and cows are grown for meat, there was an aversion towards meat and fish, and I gradually shifted to a 100% vegetarian and have been so for the past two moths.  I took advantage of the lent season and continued the tempo after Easter.  Surprisingly there was no craving for meat or fish during the lent days and that probably helped me stretch beyond those 40 days.   Of late, I have even stopped taking coffee, tea and milk.  I am yet to feel any substantial changes in me.  I am planning to add yogasanas to my daily regimen from June.

One thing is I wanted to be more congruent to the information I share in my blog. I think becoming vegetarian is the first step.  Again I have to thank Steve Pavlina for this.  His writings have influenced me a lot in a very positive manner.

I will share with you more on these changes in the coming days.

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