Ayurvedic Hair Care - Part 5

If there are cuts or grazes on skin you can use usilam powder obtained from usilam tree leaves. This powder can be used instead of soap during the Friday/Saturday bath.

In case of skin conditions like scabies or eczema, iluppai oil cake obtained from Indian Butter tree can be an alternative for the usual soap.

Shikkakai powder or boondhi kottai powder can be used for cleaning if you are using herbal oil.

For those using cow’s ghee, green gram powder can be used for cleaning.

The Don’ts

On the day of this special weekly bath you have to observe the following dietary restrictions. You should not have vegetables like ash gourd, snake gourd, bottle gourd and milk. Salt, sour and pungent tasting foods should be reduced to the minimum. No daytime nap and no sex on those days.

The vegetables to be avoided are

Ash gourd
Brinjal or eggplant
Cluster beans
Bottle gourd
Bitter gourd

Onions should not be taken. Green gram, mustard, fennel seeds, sesame, groundnut, palm candy, milk, curds, tobacco, crab, fish, chicken, mutton, pork etc should be avoided.

Avoid alcohol and all other such products that induce an altered state of mind. You should not loiter around in hot sun after this bath.

The Do’s

You can have

Tender broad beans
Tender drumstick
Tender brinjal
Tender mango
Indian gooseberries
Sundakkai (Devil’s fig)
Manathakkali (Black Nightshade)
Cumin seeds
Fried salt
Cow’s ghee

As for non-vegetarian stuff you can take quail or iguana in moderation.

Adopting these dietary restrictions on Friday/Saturday bath can help fast and natural hair growth. Some more hair growth products will be detailed in my subsequent posts.

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