Ayurvedic Home Remedies: Health Benefits of Oil Pulling

The best health benefit you can get from oil is to use it as a mouth rinse. This has been my experience. And you will agree with me if you browse through the experience of thousands who do ‘oil pulling’ everyday. I know many people who follow this simple process and safeguard themselves from unnecessary health complications. There are diabetics who are able to maintain their blood sugar at normal level just by adding ‘oil pulling’ to their usual daily regimen. Over a period of time they have even reduced the intake of insulin.

I have been ‘oil pulling’ for a couple of months. I use sesame oil of Idhayam Group. It comes in easy to use sachets. The company gives away these sachets for free as a form of social service and well as to create awareness among the people of Tamil Nadu. Thanks to our Parish Priest, every second Sunday people from this company come to our Sacred Heart Church in Kolathur, Chennai and give away free sachets. People from all walks of life, irrespective of religion, caste or creed gather here to collect the sachets. The participants number almost hundred and each share their experiences with one another. Each participant gets 30 sachets free. The ‘oil pulling’ community here is very active. Our Parish Priest got rid of his sinus problems with ‘oil pulling’ and prescribes this to everyone he meets.

I have seen here people cured of various ailments with ‘oil pulling’. Some of the ailments cured include headaches, eye irritation, hair loss, insomnia, migraine, bad breath, excessive sweating, heel fissures, acne, ulcers, etc. People with high blood pressure were able to regulate their BP with oil pulling. Most of the women told they were able to reverse hair loss with this simple process. Some were cured of asthma and bronchitis. It has helped people with varicose veins too.

I feel fresh everyday and have lots of energy. I don’t feel tired in the evenings. The food I eat tastes good. My mouth feels fresh. I cannot keep myself awake beyond 11 o’clock at night. I sleep like a log and get up refreshed in the morning. I am able to sit before the computer for quite a long time without getting tired.

Sesame oil and sunflower oil are considered best for ‘oil pulling’. You can use coconut oil also. Some use olive oil too. One of my earlier posts details how you can do this simple process. I request everyone of my readers to try this inexpensive ‘oil pulling’ and reap rich benefits. If you need any clarifications or help you can email me.

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