Ayurvedic Home Remedies: Tips for Healthy Living

To be born as a human being is a very rare, difficult and very significant feat. The old poetess Avvaiyar says so in her song. When Lord Muruga asks her what the rarest or most difficult thing on earth is, Avvaiyar answered this way. Aridhu, aridhu, maanidarai pirathal arithu. There are so many living beings on earth like animals, birds, insects, plants, creepers etc. Human beings alone are endowed with the sixth sense to differentiate good and bad.

There are a good number of sayings in the old Tamil literature that stress the importance of human birth. They all exhort human beings to make the most of their birth on this planet earth. Human beings should strive to manifest their fullest potential in all spheres of life instead of wasting their time in trivialities. A healthy body and a healthy mind is the cornerstone on which the whole edifice of a fulfilled and balanced life can be built. Subramania Bharathi, the greatest Tamil poet of the 20th century advises ‘strengthen your body’.

The complexity of the human body is beyond comprehension. With evolution over millions of years, the human body has acquired this phenomenal power. It is this complex structure that enables the human body to withstand and adapt itself to the various environmental onslaughts. Its efforts are geared toward establishing a harmony in human nature. Our ancestors knew for a fact that the human body has an inherent capacity to heal itself. The only requirement on the part of the sick ones is to cooperate with this healing process and not to hinder it.

When there is a radical change in lifestyle it tests the limits of human body's endurance. The contemporary sedentary lifestyle was alien to our ancestors. Lack of exercise, fast food diet, prolonged stress, all these can harm our body. The human body’s capacity to reestablish harmony can weaken as a result of prolonged attack. But the best part is, most of the modern day ailments can be cured with lifestyle changes alone. Herbs can help quicken the process.

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