Ayurvedic Home Remedies: A Simple Hemorrhoid Remedy

Recently I came across a very simple and easy to follow cure for hemorrhoids. It is using garlic as a suppository. Dr John Douillard, of LifeSpa Ayurveda in Boulder, Colorado is a teacher of Ayurveda and natural medicine who swears by this treatment.

Roughly one third of Americans suffer from hemorrhoids and its complications. I think the figure would be the same more or less for other parts of the world too. Dr John Douillard lists the following as the cause for this condition. Poor diet, weakened digestive system and stress which result in chronic inflammation of gut.

Hemorrhoid is the result of this chronic inflammation of gut. Some of the initial symptoms like diarrhea or constipation, gas and bloating, indigestion, heart burn, food allergies etc can cause inflammation of the gut. When left untreated for an extended period of time, this can lead to hemorrhoids.

John suggests a two-pronged approach to cure this problem. One is using garlic as a suppository to de-inflame the rectal tissues and provide an antiseptic environment to aid healing of the tissues. To do this you need to take a clove of garlic and peel off the skin. Cut the ends to a smooth edge. Coat the garlic clove with olive oil and insert it into the rectum as a suppository before bed. Do this for seven days.

While there is an overwhelming evidence of relief with this process alone, John recommends treating the root cause to prevent recurrence. To take care of stress he suggests meditation. He also suggests taking Amlaki, which is a very potent Ayurvedic remedy for preventing infection and healing of ulcerated intestinal mucosa. Amlaki is a mild laxative too that helps relieve constipation. Neem is another remedy suggested in case of chronic condition.

John recommends taking food three times a day, instead of six. This will provide time for the digestive tract to rest and heal. He advises to keep away from erratic eating habits and eating throughout the day.

I would like to add a Siddha medicine called Karunai lehyam made from yam. ‘Naga parpam’ is yet another Siddha remedy for hemorrhoids. A pinch of ‘naga parpam’ mixed in a marble sized ‘karunai lehyam’ and taken in the mornings and nights before food is found to be very effective in treating piles.

One interesting thing to note, karunai lehyam is made from yam, the shape of yam resembles hemorrhoids.

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