Medicinal Benefits of Curry Leaves

Indian cuisine makes use of mint, coriander leaves, curry leaves etc to add flavour and aroma to the spicy recipes. Though not a part of the greens, curry leaves has all the nutritive value found in greens and more.

Also known as sweet neem leaves, curry leaves has vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B2, vitamin C, calcium and iron in plenty. This is an ideal herb for people suffering from the ill effects of diabetes. Diabetes patients often suffer from frequent vertigo. There may be aches and pains in the upper and lower limbs coupled with impaired vision. These patients should take curry leaves at frequent intervals to overcome these problems. Kashayam made of curry leaves dried in shade and powdered is a very potent remedy that helps stabilize glucose levels in a diabetic patient.

An excellent remedy made using curry leaves is found to be very effective in treating diarrhea. For this purpose 40 gm of curry leaves and 10 gm of cumin seeds are ground to a fine paste and taken orally. This should be followed by drinking a glass of warm water. A teaspoon of honey is taken after 10 minutes. This regimen is continued three to four times a day.

Cholesterol levels in edible oils can be reduced to a large extent by making use of a handful of curry leaves. One kilogram of the oil is boiled with 15-20 curry leaves and then filtered. This is said to bring down cholesterol level in oils. This oil can then be used in preparing food stuff. Increase in cholesterol can lead to obesity, increase in blood pressure, lethargy and other ill effects.

The young generation of this decade consume a lot of junk food which have no nutritive value. Due to chemicals and other spurious additives found in foodstuff, no wonder a sizeable portion of youngsters both male and female suffer from premature graying of hair. Curry leaves come as a boon in such situations. Youngsters should not throw away curry leaves found in various Indian food recipes. Eating these curry leaves and making it a practice will help to ward off gray hair. Children should be taught to eat curry leaves at a tender age.

I would like to share a popular remedy, a hair oil for premature graying. Heat a litre of coconut or sesame oil and drop 10 to 20 curry leaves into the oil. Remove from heat when it reaches boiling point. This oil is then stored in bottles and used as hair oil before bathing. Apply this oil liberally on the scalp and allow it to soak for about 15-20 minutes. Wash the hair with a mild shampoo or shikkakai powder. Follow this regimen once or twice a week.

Curry leaves can be used to treat a tasteless tongue. Excessive use of antibiotics, indigestion etc can result in loss of taste. A handful of curry leaves along with ginger, salt, garlic, tamarind and chillies, is ground to a fine paste. This is then mixed with hot rice. A few helpings of this mixture help arouse the taste buds. This is repeated two to three times a day till the condition improves.

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