Home Remedies For Cough the Siddha Way

(a) Take three leaves of Adathodai(ADATHODA VASICA) cut them into small pieces, and put the pieces into a vessel. Add two teaspoon full of honey and fry the content until some pleasant smell comes. At that stage add the following - coarsely powdered Athimathuram (Jamaica liquorice) 1 piece Thippli (Piper longum) 1 pinch Thalisapathri (Flucourtia calaphracta) 1/2 gm Chitharathai (galanga the lesser) 3 piece then add 4 glasses of water and boil, reduce to 1/2 glass.

Dose: 1/2 glass two times a day.

(b) Take 2 glasses of water. Add the following drugs, Adathodai leaves (Adathoda Vasica) three numbers, Kandankathiri leaves (Solanum Xanthocarpum) five numbers. Thulasi (holy basil) leaves five numbers Thoothuvalai (Trilobatum) leaves ten numbers and 3 gm of Athimathuram (Jamaica liquorice) after roughly powdering them boil and reduce into 1/2 glass.

Dose: 1/2 glass two times a day with honey.

(c) 10 gms., of the root of Thoothuvalai (Trilobatum), grind with cow's milk and to be taken in the morning.

(d) Adathodai leaves juice 30 ml. (ADATHODA VASICA) , Finely powdered Milagu(pepper) 6 gms., Perungayam (asafoetida) 1 gm. mix all and take in the morning and evening.

(e) Chronic cough will be relieved when 2 gm of powder made out of equal quantity of Kadukkai (Chebulic myrobolan, Ink nut) and "Thippli" (Piper longum) administered in honey twice daily.

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