Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Menstrual Problems Part 2

Make a powder of the bark, root and seeds of pomegranate each of equal quantity by weight. 3 gm of that powder mixed in hot water and taken internally both in the mornings and evenings can cure most of the uterine disorders.

Half of a pineapple a day can cure leucorrhea or white discharge.

Dishes made of Indian spinach (pasalai keerai in Tamil) taken regularly can cure leucorrhea. See: http://www.medindia.net/alternativemedicine/ayurvedaanddiet/Herbal-Plants/Indian-spinach.asp

Anethum graveolens or dill (English) (sadhakuppai in Tamil), black cumin or Kashmiri cumin (karunjeeragam in Tamil), and turmeric are taken in equal quantity and ground into powder. This powder (3 gm) should be mixed with palm candy (5 gm) and fennel water (one glass) and taken internally morning and evening during periods can solve uterine complications and strengthen the uterus.

Leaves of the Indian cherry tree (elandhai in Tamil) one handful, 6 pepper corns, and 4 garlic cloves all these ground together as a fine paste and taken morning and evening before food for the first two days of menstruation can cure uterine difficulties.

Juice of Erythrina Indica (kalyana murungai in Tamil) leaves 50 ml taken internally can cure menstrual pains.

Menstrual cramps can be overcome by consuming clove powder 1-2 gm with palm candy.

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