Ayurvedic Home Remedy for Piles (Hemorhhoids)

The root cause of hemorrhoids or piles is constipation. Other causes are mental tension, obesity, hereditary factors. Hence lifestyle changes are recommended.

Here are some of the ayurvedic and siddha home remedies for piles.

Juice of bitter gourd leaves 625 mg, cow ghee 625 mg are mixed together. This is taken once a day for 7 days. Avoid salt and sour foods for 14 days from the first day. This can cure piles.

Onion fried (one onion) and then mixed with butter as necessary can be applied around the anal region. This will bring down the pain and irritation caused by the hemorrhoids.

White onion sauted in ghee and then taken with palm candy three times a day after food, can help cure piles.

Pepper powder 50 gm, fennel seeds 60 gm, honey 350 gm all are mixed together and made into a thick paste. One teaspoon of this preparation is taken internally 2 times a day. This will benefit old people who suffer from piles.

Cooked karunaikizhangu or yam is an excellent remedy for piles. Many tasty dishes can be prepared using yam. Some dishes can be found here.

Aloe Vera for piles: 20 gm of pepper, cumin seeds, and chukku (dry ginger) each are powdered together in 1 litre of aloe vera juice. ½ kg of sugar and 1 litre cow’s milk is added and boiled. Allow the mixture to reduce to a thick consistency (reduce to 50% of original). This is then cooled and stored in a bottle. Half a teaspoon of this preparation is then taken internally both morning and evening.

To control bleeding of piles, juice of plantain flower is mixed with 10 gm of cumin seed powder and taken internally.

Curry leaves ground to a fine paste and mixed with buttermilk and drunk both morning and evening brings down the pain.

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