Some Simple Ayurvedic Home Remedies Part 2

Dry the seeds of java plum (naaval pazham in Tamil) fruit. Remove the outer shell and take out the kernel and grind it into a powdery form. This powder taken internally one teaspoon three times a day is an excellent remedy to control diabetes.

Difficulty breathing in asthma can be cured by inhaling crushed cloves of garlic.

An excellent natural remedy for giddiness is to mix ginger juice (10-15 ml) with an equal amount of lemon juice and add a glass of water and drink the mixture as and when required.

Hibiscus sabdariffa, also known as Indian Red Sorrel or Roselle, ( "Gonkura" in Telugu and "Pulicha Keerai" in Tamil) is an excellent storehouse of iron and calcium. This cools down the body. Cleanses blood. Helps to cure constipation.

Following preparation is an excellent remedy for hair loss. Boil water and drop a few handful of neem leaves into it. Allow the water to cool and after 24 hours use the water for a head bath. This will prevent hair loss. It will also solve head lice problems.

Drink pomegranate juice mixed with honey for constipation.

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