Ayurvedic Home Remedy for Heart Problems

“Draksha” is the Sanskrit word for grapes. From time immemorial grapes have been used both for medicinal and nourishment purposes. Ayurveda has recognized the medicinal value of grapes. Draksharishtam and drakshadhi kashayam are famous examples of Ayurvedic formulations using grapes.

Grapes have the capacity to regulate LDL (bad cholesterol). Well known for its anti-coagulation properties it also helps prevent platelet aggregation. It also helps in treating lung, liver and prostate cancers to a large extent.

Studies have shown that the French have lesser heart problems when compared to Americans. Researchers have found the reason to be red wine consumed by the French. I do not advocate taking red wine though for heart problems!

Grapes strengthen the heart muscles and also eliminate free radicals. Manganese, potassium, Vitamin B, Vitamin C are some of the constituents of grapes.

It is found that people affected with Alzheimer’s disease are also benefited by the consumption of grapes.

Fully ripe grapes are the best to consume. Also black grapes have more medicinal value that the green ones.

Dried grapes, both black and green are available throughout the year. They have all the medicinal properties as that of the fresh ones.

Black grapes or raisins help to cure constipation. For this, soak a few raisins (5-6 nos) in a glass of water before going to bed. Eat the raisins and drink the water the first thing next day morning (after cleaning your teeth of course!). Regular usage for about a month or so corrects even chronic constipation.

Grapes are excellent thirst quenchers especially at the time of fever. A couple of raisins taken when feeling thirsty will help quench the thirst as well as revitalize almost instantly.

Instead of taking red wine, consuming fresh black grapes is advised for a healthier heart. Or else you can take a spoonful of draksharishta. This is available at all leading ayurveda shops. Draksharishta also helps to overcome lethargy, infuse vitality and promote well-being.

Thus grapes are helpful in maintaining a healthy heart and curing various heart problems.

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