Ayurvedic Ways to Cure Dandruff

The oil on scalp gets drastically reduced when the hair root gets dried due to body ‘heat’. When you comb such a scalp the outer layer comes off in scales. We call this dandruff. Excessive use of soap, soap nut powder etc can lead to such a situation. So lessening their usage should benefit you. Instead you can use rice congee, Bengal gram powder, green gram powder etc. These are to be mixed with water and made to a ‘not so watery’ paste and applied on scalp while bathing, instead of the usual soap or shampoo. These will help preserve the ‘dampness’ of the scalp preventing it from getting dried up.

A kashayam made of arugampul (cynodon dactylon) and coconut oil are mixed together along with certain herbs and boiled to obtain ‘doorvathi kera thailam’. This oil can be obtained from ayurveda medical shops. Apply this oil to scalp instead of ordinary coconut oil. This helps in controlling dandruff to a large extent. Females can soak this oil on their scalp for 30-45 minutes before bathing, on Tuesdays and Fridays. This procedure can be adopted by males, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

If the dandruff is due to fungal infection, it can lead to itching and ringing sound in the ears, pus in the ears etc. It can spread onto other parts of body and cause itching. In such situations, ‘eladhi kera thailam’ can be applied to the scalp. Adapt the same procedure mentioned above for males and females. Also paste made of milk and pepper can be applied to scalp before bathing. This is also found to be effective in controlling dandruff.

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