How to preserve Gooseberries using Honey

Gooseberry is an excellent source of vitamin C. It keeps you active and drives away lethargy. Honey is an excellent source of energy. It is a natural preservative. It is also an antiseptic par excellent. Gooseberries that are available only 2-3 months in a year can be preserved in honey and used throughout the year. Honey helps retain the vitality and medicinal properties of gooseberries. One way to preserve gooseberries using honey is described below.

A small note on honey, honey harvested from mature honeycombs is the most beneficial. Prematurely harvested honey gets sour quickly and becomes useless.

Take required number of mature gooseberries. Each gooseberry is pierced at various spots (5-6 piercing) with a stainless steel sharp object or thorn. Now take a jar full of pure honey and drop these pierced gooseberries into them. Let the gooseberries be fully immersed in honey. Cover the mouth of the jar with a thin white cloth and place it in sunlight for 1 hour each day for 15 days. Now the gooseberries are storehouses of energy.

On getting up in the morning, after cleaning your teeth, take a honey soaked gooseberry first thing in the morning. This eliminates lethargy and keeps you active throughout the day.

This is an excellent source of energy for both young and old and ideal for strengthening the mental faculties.

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