Ayurvedic Home Remedies: For Jaundice and Liver Diseases

Kizhanelli and karisalanganni are two herbs that are used in Siddha and Ayurveda for treating fatty liver, jaundice and other liver diseases. The incidents of liver damage are on the increase and it would be beneficial to equip ourselves with the knowledge of these herbs for both preventing and treating a host of liver diseases.

Liver is located on the right upper side of abdomen. The normal weight of liver of an adult is around 3 pounds. It secretes bile into the intestine which is essential in digesting fat. Harmful chemicals that enter the body like alcohol and drugs are rendered harmless by liver. A healthy liver is needed for production of proteins like albumin.

The normal function of liver is disrupted due to viruses, alcohol, toxins in drugs etc.

Kizhanelli (Phyllanthus niruri) is a herb with very tiny round leaves. It grows in lush green areas and can be found in the banks of rivers, lakes and paddy fields. Apart from treating jaundice this herb is useful in curing anemia, skin problems, eyesight defects etc. Kizhanelli juice and ponnankanni juice are mixed in equal quantity of linseed oil and allowed to boil for five minutes. The oil is then allowed to cool. This oil is applied on head for healthy hair growth as well as eye problems.

Karisalankanni (Eclipta alba) is found to grow in river banks and paddy fields. Two litres of karisalankanni juice and linseed oil are mixed and allowed to boil. 40 gm athimathuram powder is added and then allowed to cool. This is a well known remedy for cough, phlegm in chest, disturbances of voice box etc. A spoonful of this oil is taken in the mornings and evenings. The oil can also be used for bathing purposes.

For treating jaundice and other liver problems, leaves of karisalankanni, kizhanelli and thumbai of equal quantity are ground to a fine paste. Around 15 gm of this paste is mixed in buttermilk and taken on empty stomach in the mornings and evenings. This not only cures jaundice but also restores the liver to its healthy normal level within a short period.

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