Ayurvedic Home Remedies: Some Useful Remedies Using Papaya

Though papaya (Carica papaya) is a native of tropical America, it is found all over India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and most of the eastern countries. Well known for its rapid growth, the papaya tree grows to a height of 5-6 m. It doesn’t have a woody stem and tends to get uprooted in cyclones.

Milky latex from the unripe fruit has exceptional medicinal qualities. It is a well known vermifuge. It is also used in the manufacture of chewing gums.

Given below are some home remedies using papaya.

For the expulsion of intestinal worms the papaya latex is mixed with castor oil and taken once in the early mornings. For adults the quantity advised is 60 drops of the milk mixed with 30 drops of castor oil. In case of children, oral administration of 15 drops of castor oil is mixed with 15 drops of the latex is suggested. This is a time tested remedy for intestinal worms, very effective and with no adverse side effects.

For a rapid cure of stubborn ulcers in mouth, tongue, throat etc, application of this latex is recommended. This is found to have cured even persistent ulcers that are resistant to conventional medicinal systems.

For treating skin diseases, especially the scabies and scalp eczema varieties, the papaya latex is mixed with alum powder and the paste is applied on the affected areas. The area is then cleaned with warm water after an hour.

One simple way to lose weight is by consuming unripe papaya fruits both raw and cooked. Meat is said to become tender rapidly when cooked with tender papaya fruit.

Pregnant women should keep away from both unripe and ripe papaya fruit in the early stages of their pregnancy. These fruits have a tendency to abort the formation of the fetus.

The ripe papaya fruit is very effective in treating inflammation of liver and spleen. It improves digestion and cures constipation. In case of urinary tract inflammation, this fruit is a very effective compliment to the conventional medicine. Regular intake of this fruit prevents UTI.

The fruit is not expensive and is available in plenty throughout the year. It is an ideal fruit for the breakfast. Papaya juice is very tasty and has excellent nutritional value. Add papaya to your diet and reap rich benefits.

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