Ayurvedic Home Remedies: How to treat post-viral fever arthralgias

Almost 30% of those who have had a bout of viral fever have to ‘limp back to normalcy’ literally with considerable pain in the joints. It is pathetic to see people who were run down with chikungunya, rat-bite fever, etc not able to walk normally after the fever has gone. The difficulty and pain lasts for months together in many cases.

The following Ayurveda herbal preparation is found to be very effective in treating these types of conditions. This is also effective in treating convalescents who are recuperating after a surgery.

A kilogram of the root of amukkuram is bought from herbal shops and cleaned thoroughly and dried. It is cut to pieces and boiled in milk till the whole milk evaporates. Then allow the amukkuram to return to room temperature. Now repeat the whole process again by adding milk and boiling the amukkuram. This is repeated seven times. This process is said to increase the potency of the root. Once done, the boiled amukkura pieces are dried in sun thoroughly (may take 1-2 days) and then powdered to a fine consistency.

Similarly a kilogram of Indian gooseberries is de-seeded and cut to pieces. They are dried thoroughly under shade. The dried gooseberries are powdered to a consistency similar to the amukkura powder.

A spoonful of amukkuram powder and quarter spoon of gooseberry powder is mixed in warm water and taken both morning and night before food. This is taken for 40 days or more. You will start feeling the difference in a week or so, but continue the regimen for a complete elimination of symptoms.

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