Ayurveda Hair Care - Part 2

A healthy body begets a healthy mind. I would like to add healthy hair. A comprehensive hair care in Ayurveda starts inside out. Hair weakens with deficiency of vitamins or minerals in the body, or changes in food habits. Some common hair problems are hair fall, inadequate and lackluster growth, change of color, gradual receding of hairline leading to baldness, alopecia or round shaped small bald patches on scalp, dandruff and head lice, graying of hair.

Though many reasons could be attributed to the cause of the above mentioned conditions, the basic one according to Ayurveda is the body ‘heat’. A ‘heat body’ is somewhat akin to an acidic body, and this body ‘heat’ increases with anger, anxiety, confusion, jealousy, depression and such emotions. Some physical reasons could be constipation, walking barefoot in hot sun for long, etc.

Leading a stress free life is essential for good hair growth. Meditation or other such practices can help in managing stress in your life. Also you should start eating more fibrous foods and drinking more water. This alone can take care of constipation most of the time. Stubborn cases of constipation can be treated with some Ayurvedic laxatives. For people who walk too much in hot sun, one way to reduce their body ‘heat’ is the application of sesame oil on the soles of their feet. For this purpose they should clean their feet before going to bed and pat them dry with a towel. Sesame oil is then applied to the soles of both feet and rubbed vigorously for a minute or two. This is said to have a soporific effect and can induce a good night sleep. In addition, it reduces the body ‘heat’ too.

Is it necessary to apply oil to hair? While there is an ongoing debate on whether you need oil for hair growth, Ayurveda does suggest application of oil to help healthy hair growth. One of the famous hair oils that aids in hair growth is the neelibringadhi oil. This can be applied to the scalp after a bath. This oil is found to help arrest hair fall and activate luscious hair growth.

Application of oil to your hair helps in reducing the body ‘heat’. It keeps the hair fresh. The hair would not get tangled. The color of hair improves with regular application of oil. Since the oil strengthens the hair root, there is a reduction in hair loss.

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