Ayurvedic Hair Care Tips - Part 1

Human hair grows to half an inch per month. The hair can be divided into three parts, the bulb, the root and shaft. The bulb is the swelling at the base below the root that comes up from the dermis, the root is the portion of hair beneath skin surface and shaft is the hair above skin surface. Life span of a human hair is said to be between two to three years. It is normal to shed 50 to 70 strands per day.

Excessive hair loss can be attributed to weak hair roots. Some of the reasons for hair loss include heredity, infection of scalp, certain drugs, stress, environmental pollution, chlorine in water, hormonal imbalances, menopause, pregnancy, diseases like typhoid, flu etc.

Some more reasons for hair loss include

lack of essential nutrients in body
dust that is not cleaned off from scalp
cleaning hair with excessive hot or excessive cold water
scalp not patted dry after a bath
application of oil on scalp after a bath without proper drying

Some precautions to be observed:

Do not allow others to use your comb, keep it to yourselves.
Avoid combs with very sharp teeth.
Never use a dirty comb
Change your comb after a month.
Do not use combs of others.
Do not comb in a hurry. Take your own time to comb your hair.
Run your comb gently through your hair. Never test your strength with your hair.

Coconut oil has been used from time immemorial for luscious hair growth. Application of coconut oil on scalp nourishes the hair roots and strengthens hair follicles.

One inexpensive way to have a soft and shiny hair is to apply not so sour curd obtained from cow’s milk onto to your hair. After about fifteen minutes you can clean off the hair with lukewarm water.

Records show that our ancestors cared for their long hair with the help of herbs and oils. They took time to dry their hair and expose it to scented fumes. They prepared herbal oils that nourished the hair roots and hair follicles. Above all they led a stress free life which should have been the primary reason for their healthy hair.

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