Ayurvedic Home Remedies: Medicinal Uses of Castor Oil

Couple of decades back castor oil was extensively used for treating ailments afflicting people of all ages from newborns to old folks. A drop or two of castor oil was applied on the fontanel of the newborn. Castor oil was applied over the eyes before bathing the newborn. The child was fed milk mixed with castor oil once in two or three days. Up to the age of 12, children were given castor oil once in a month with coffee as part of stomach cleansing. In case of boils that occur during the summer season, castor oil is mixed in hot rice and made into a poultice and applied on the affected areas.

In case of anxiety coupled with palpitation and burning sensation on top of head due to excessive thinking etc, a teaspoon of castor oil can be allowed to soak on the top of head. This is said to relieve mental tension, anxiety and burning sensation on the crown of the head.

When small children suffer from unexpected stomach pain due to indigestion or body heat, instill two to three drops of castor oil into the belly button and gently massage the area in a circular motion two or three times. This brings the pain under control very quickly.

One forgotten use of castor oil is its application on sprained areas followed by hot water fomentation. This quickly heals sprains.

Castor oil and turmeric powder is mixed thoroughly to form a paste which is applied on cracked heels or foot fissures. This is done before going to bed.

In case of choked throat one simple remedy is to prepare a paste of castor oil and slaked lime and apply a thin layer externally on the throat area before going to bed. This quickly clears choked throat.

In case of gas in stomach a take a glass of milk after adding a teaspoon of castor oil to it. Another alternative is to chew and gulp down a spoonful of cumin seeds followed by intake of a mixture of 20 drops of lemon juice, 20 drops of ginger juice and 8 drops of honey. This is another time tested remedy for gas.

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