Ayurvedic Home Remedies: Home Remedies for Women - 4

Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea gravidarum or morning sickness affects most pregnant women. Vomiting and nausea can be the first symptoms of pregnancy. Most of the time, the nausea is present in the morning and wanes off as the day progresses. In most cases this stops by the 12th week. In some rare cases, this progresses to excessive vomiting, necessitating immediate medical intervention.

Taking small gooseberries (ari nellikkai in Tamil) during this time can help deal with nausea and vomiting. Also taking lemon juice with sugar and a pinch of salt is found to be effective in treating nausea and vomiting in pregnant women. Care should be taken not to leave the stomach empty. Ginger tea is yet another effective cure.

Pain and Childbirth

Pregnant women should be healthy enough to endure the process of childbirth. Mild exercises after the fourth month up to the time of delivery help women to tone up their muscles as well as not to put on excessive weight. Walking in the evenings, small household chores etc are necessary. Childbirth occurs within couple of hours of onset of pain. Acupressure, hypnotism, anesthesia are some methods resorted to reduce pain.

Postpartum Care

Taking tender neem leaves with turmeric will heal the internal organs of any wounds that might result due to childbirth. Application of paste made from maasikkai (Aleppo Oak) seeds on vagina will help in rapid healing of wounds.

The herb manathakkali keerai (Black Nightshade) is ground to a fine paste using goat milk. This is taken in the mornings and evenings to help cure ‘body heat’ as well as internal wounds.

Women become extremely weak after childbirth due to the labor pain and extreme exhaustion. There are some time-tested home remedies that help women recuperate and gain back their strength.

Root of kurunthotti herb, cumin seeds, pepper, mustard, garlic of equal quantity is ground to a fine paste and added to Cornish hen curry and taken once a week will help in regaining health. This will help in healing joint pain and hip. Mutton curry made using cumin seeds, garlic and pepper is another excellent remedy that help women in getting back to normalcy. Kurunthotti palkashayam serves the same purpose for women who prefer vegetarian stuff.


Breast milk is the ideal food for the newborn. It is food as well as medicine for the child. Women with poor nutrition find it difficult to lactate. Frequent usage of birth control pills too can lead to this condition. Inadequate availability of breast milk will affect the newborn’s health and growth.

Adding drumstick leaves and tender papaya to the diet will help in increasing lactation. Fried and powdered sesame seeds can be taken with rice to improve lactation.

Garlic is sautéed in sesame oil and added to palm candy and pepper powder and made into small marble sized balls. One or two of these balls are taken before food to help in lactation.

Amukkura (aswagandha) root and sada kuppai ground to a paste and taken with jaggery or sugar is yet another remedy to help lactation.

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