Ayurvedic Home Remedies: Home Remedies for Women - 5


Paste made of banyan tree seeds mixed in milk and taken in the mornings and evenings can help lactation.

A few drops of milk and ripe cucumber seeds are used to make a fine paste. This paste then applied on breasts. This is found to increase lactation in women.

Mother’s milk is the best food for the newborn child. It is a medicine for diarrhea, skin allergies, and has excellent nutritional value. Research has shown that women can put off pregnancy as long as they keep breastfeeding the child. So this is a natural birth control method. Also chances of breast cancer decrease in mothers who breastfeed their newborns.

Milk gets engorged in breasts when there is a considerable time lapse between feeding. For instance, women working in offices cannot breastfeed their child frequently. Alternatively if the child avoids breast milk for unknown reasons, the breast gets engorged with milk. This will turn into a very painful condition when left unattended.

Maasikkai (Aleppo oak seeds) paste is applied on breasts and nipples to alleviate pain. Similarly tamarind leaves made to a paste and mixed with sesame oil can be applied on breasts. Dry kuppaimeni leaves can be taken with milk and sugar. This tends to relieve the pain.

Cracked Nipples

The delicate breast skin and nipple breaks easily with improper feeding technique. When left unattended, this can lead to breast sores and infection. Maasikkai (Aleppo Oak seed) comes in handy to take care of this painful condition. A paste of this seed applied on the nipples can help in quick healing of sores.

To dry up breast milk

Children need breast milk for at least six months, but it is advisable to prolong this period and breastfeed as long as it is possible. Beyond six months, the quantity of milk may not be enough for the child. So the child’s diet should be complemented with other foods.

Breasts are covered with Pichi flowers or jasmine flowers for drying up of breast milk. The flowers can be placed inside the brassier till they wilt. Similarly cabbage leaves have also been found to serve the purpose. Women apply neem oil, aloe vera juice on breasts to induce aversion in children who refuse to give up breast milk.

Female Infertility

Female infertility can be due to genetic reasons, improper or incomplete development or malfunctioning of internal sex organs. Sexually transmitted diseases, smoking are some extrinsic causes that lead to infertility. Obesity also leads to this condition.

Females in general are fertile in their early 20s up to late 30s. There is a gradual decrease in fertility and by age 40, most women become infertile.

Triphala choornam is found to be effective in treating some forms of female infertility. The powder is mixed in water and taken in the mornings and evenings. Pirandai juice is also helpful in dealing with female infertility.

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