Agnimukh Churna: Ayurvedic Home Remedies

“Agni” (fire) in Ayurvedic parlance is the force that drives digestion, metabolism in an individual.  The stomach is called “pachak” or cook that makes use of this fire to digest and absorb the food we eat.  When all the three doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha are in harmony in an individual his/her degree of digestion of food and absorption of nutrients is optimal.  This individual will be healthy and possess a strong immune system. The digestive fire in this person is called samanagni or samagni.

When there is an imbalance in the three doshas and there is a dominance of Vata, then it can result in conditions of diarrhea, wind in the intestines, rumbling, etc alternating with normal digestion.  The vitiated fire is then called vishamagni.

If there is a domination of pitha in an individual then there is rapid digestion irrespective of the type of food consumed.  This can result in sour eructations, hyperacidity, painful urination, etc and the body grows weak and emaciated.  This individual experiences a constant feeling of hunger.  The digestive fire here has turned into tikshagni or teekshagni.

When kapha dominates an individual due to the imbalance of the three doshas, it can result in protracted and prolonged digestion of even a small quantity of food.  This causes heaviness in abdomen, asthma, respiratory illnesses, fatigue, nausea etc.  Here the fire is called mandagni.

Agnimuka choornam or aknimukh choorna is an excellent remedy for all the above mentioned conditions.  With the intake of this remedy the vitiated doshas are pacified resulting in re-establishing the lost harmony.  Samagni is the result which helps in regaining lost health.  Hence this preparation is useful in treating all types of digestive problems.

Ingredients of Agnimukh choorna are asafoetida, sweetflag (acorus calamus), piper longum (thippili), chebulic myrobalan (kadukkai), oregano (ajwain, omam), dried cleansed ginger (chukku), white leadwort root (koduveli), Indian costus root (koshtam).


Asafoetida is used in treating indigestion and constipation.  Sweetflag is well known remedy for bloated stomach, flatulence, diarrhea in infants.  It aids digestion.  Piper longum is useful in treating polydipsia (excessive thirst).   Chebulic myrobalan cleanses toxins from liver.  Oregano is an antibacterial agent.  Dried ginger is an excellent appetizer.  White leadwort root is regarded as a kayakalpa herb.  This is a good general tonic for the whole body.  The decoction of Indian costus root is used in treating poisonous bites.  All these herbs combine together in agnimukh chooran to reinstate the lost samanagni.

How to prepare Agnimukh churna at home?

The ingredients of agnimuga chooranam are all available at the local herbal stores in India as well as online worldwide.  The ingredients are taken starting with the first, asafoetida 10 gm and and increment of 10 gm each for other ingredients in the order mentioned earlier.  So sweetflag 20 gm, piper longum 30 gm, chebulic myrobalan 40 mg, oregano 50 mg, dried ginger 60 mg, white leadwort root 70 gm and Indian costus root 80 gm are collected.  Each herb is powdered to a very fine consistency and then mixed together.  This is stored in a cool dry place.

Take half a teaspoon of this powder, mix it in a glass of cold water, and drink it before food both in the morning and at night.  This is repeated three to four days.  This is a quick and safe way to bring back the digestive system to normalcy.

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