Computer Vision Syndrome - Ayurvedic Treatment Options

Staring at the computer screen and focusing on it for protracted and uninterrupted periods of time results in Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).  It is also known as digital eye strain, where the prolonged computer or other digital devices usage results in vision related problems.  A very bright computer screen is almost invariably the culprit in such situations.  When an individual looks at a bright screen for 3-4 hours without interruption, there is every chance of occurrence of this condition in him/her.  As computers as well as cell phones and other handheld devices have become inseparable from the everyday lives of people, it is only natural that more and more people will suffer from CVS.  Awareness of alternative treatment for CVS can save you money as well as peace of mind. 

Some common causes of CVS:

Distance between the device and the eyes is too short.

Prolonged poor sitting posture in front of a computer.

Straining the eyes too much in an effort to read or see things on the screen.

Brightness of the screen way beyond recommended levels. 

Lack of relaxation to the eyes.

Though CVS is a new phenomenon that is found everywhere with the advent of computers, Ayurveda has some excellent remedies up its sleeves to treat such conditions. 

How to cure CVS?

Based on the cause of CVS, an effective treatment regime can be worked out to overcome its ill effects.  While it goes without saying that a proper distance between the device and the user should be maintained (15 inches minimum), it should also be noted that a break of 5-10 minutes after two hours of computer work is recommended.  Too much of brightness should be brought down to reduce strain on eyes.  It is only when these suggestions are implemented that a treatment regime would be effective and will bear positive result.

Ayurveda for CVS

You should make it a routine to rest your eyes after a day’s work.  For this, you can wash your face and eyes with cold water and place a 5mm slice of cucumber on each eye simultaneously for about 10-15 minutes.  Similarly you can splash your face with cold water once every 2-3 hours during your work hours.  Too much of strain in the neck and eyes can be taken care of with occasional ‘shirodhara’ a process where medicated oil is poured on the forehead as a thin stream.  This relieves stress and relaxes you thoroughly.

Triphala choorna is an effective remedy for CVS.  Taking a spoon of this powder with warm milk at night for 2-3 weeks relieves you of CVS.  Triphala is an excellent remedy recommended by the great Siddha saints for longevity and a disease free life.  Hence, regular intake of Triphala choorna is highly recommended for good health.

Following are some of the remedies used in treating CVS.   Triphala gritha, Dhatri loha, amlaki rasayana, Netramritam (a product of Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala) amlaki choorna, jeevantyadhi gritha etc.  These above mentioned remedies should be taken under the suprevision of an experienced Ayurveda physician.

CVS can be treated effectively with Ayurvedic remedies that gives you a lasting cure sans unnecessary side effects.

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