Home Remedies Prepared Using Neem

Paste made of neem leaves and “Bishop’s weed” (carum/lovage) (omam in Tamil) and smeared on the temple and nape clears postnasal drip (runny nose).

Paste made of Piper nigrum (thippili in Tamil), mustard, cumin seeds, dried ginger powder and tender neem leaves and taken internally (a small marble size) three times a day will cure fever.

Bark of neem (25 gm), cloves (around 5 to 10 Nos) and Chiretta (nilavembu in Tamil) are all boiled together in 200 ml water and reduced to 100 ml. This water taken internally will induce hunger.

Flowers of neem (about 5 -10 gm) fried and mixed in rasam (a hot spicy South Indian soup) and taken internally will stop vomiting.

Applying boiled and cooled neem oil between the toes and cracks can heal Athlete’s foot.

Cracked heels can be healed on application of neem oil mixed with turmeric paste.

A nice paste made of asafetida and tender neem leaves and applied on bruises and grazes will cure them rapidly.

Take a handful of neem leaves and boil it in water. Use that water next day to wash your hair to prevent falling of hair.

Mix the gum of neem tree (10 gm) in water (50 ml). This mixture is taken internally for leprosy.

Taking bath regularly using neem oil brings about reduction in body pain, pain in the nape.

Disclaimer: All information provided in this blog is for historical and educational purposes only; statements contained here are reported in an effort to preserve traditional cultural lore and information. Nothing here should be construed as an attempt to diagnose, prescribe, or recommend treatment for any disease or condition. Please consult your physician for medical advice regarding any medical condition and do not use any of the historical information on this site without your physician’s approval.

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