Neem The King of Ayurvedic Home Remedies Part 2

All parts of neem have medical value.

Some medicinal uses of neem as mentioned in ayurveda

The leaf is used for treating leprosy, eye problem, epistaxis, intestinal
worms, anorexia, biliousness, skin ulcers.

The bark of the tree is used as an analgesic alternative and curative of fever.

Flower is useful in bile suppression, elimination of intestinal worms and phlegm.

Fruit helps is relieving piles, intestinal worms, urinary disorder, epistaxis, phlegm, eye problem, diabetes, wounds and leprosy.

Twig of neem relieves cough, asthma, piles, phantom tumour, intestinal worms, spermatorrhoea, obstinate urinary disorder, diabetes.

Gum obtained from the bark is effective against skin diseases like ringworms, scabies, wounds and ulcers.

Seed pulp and neem oil is used for treating leprosy and intestinal worms.

The root, bark, leaf, flower and fruit together is used in treating blood morbidity, biliary afflictions, itching, skin ulcer, burning sensation and leprosy.

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