Ayurvedic Home Remedy Agathi (Corkwood Tree)

Agathi (Tamil)

Botanical Name: Sesbania grandiflora

Common name: Corkwood tree, hummingbird tree

There are two types of Agathi, agathi and sevvagathi or red agathi.

Parts utilized: Leaves, flower, bark, root.

Taste: Slightly bitter and sour.

Property of the leaves: Coolant, purgative, kills worms.

Detoxifies, controls pitha, and digests food.

(Note: The leaves should not be taken along with other remedies. It should be taken infrequently. Regular usage can cause stomachache. Once in a week would be ideal.)

Agathi is used as an ayurvedic remedy for treating fever, sinus, bruises, and venereal diseases etc.

Fever subsides when the juice of the leaves (2-3 drops a time) is dropped in the nostrils. The juice of the leaves can be applied externally at times of fever to bring down temperature.

The juice of the leaves 1 part and honey 5 parts mixed and massaged on top of the head of small children clears sinus problems.

The leaves can be boiled and ground to a paste and applied on bruises.

The flowers of the plant can be cooked like the leaves. Cooked flowers can be consumed to clear pitha problems caused by smoking, hot climate etc. It is also an excellent coolant.

The flower of red agathi is used to treat nosebleed.

The decoction of the bark of the plant is useful at times of fever.

The root of the plant is used in treating syphilis, pain in the male sexual organ, burning sensation of the whole body.

Decoction of the agathi root can cure the above problems.

The red agathi root and oomathai root (jimsonweed) are ground together to make a paste. This can be applied for swelling and arthritic pain in joints.

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