Ayurvedic Home Remedy Amukkara

Amukkara Kizhangu

Botanical Name: Withania Somnifera

Common Name: Indian Ginseng, Winter Cherry

Parts used: Leaves, seeds, root.

Taste: Bitter

The leaf is an excellent coolant, diuretic, rejuvenator, aphrodisiac, sedative.

The root and leaves can be ground to a paste and applied on swellings, wounds etc.

The root is cooked in milk and then dried and powdered. 3 – 5gm of the powder mixed with honey and taken internally clears gas problems, swellings, loss of appetite etc.

This powder mixed with ghee strengthens the body, increases the quality and quantity of sperm.

2 parts of the powder, sugar candy 5 parts, taken internally 5 gm both in the morning and evening along with 200 ml of cow’s milk clears nervous disorders. It is an excellent rejuvenator.

In short, amukkara is an excellent ayurvedic remedy and rejuvenator for both sexes.

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