Ayurvedic Home Remedy Arathai


Botanical Name: Alpinia Galanga

Common name: Galanga root, Siamese ginger.

Part used: Root

There are two varieties, sitrarathai, and perarathai.

Taste: Bitter

Properties: Removes phlegm, induces appetite.

3 gm of the powder of the root mixed with honey and consumed both morning and evening cures phlegm in the chest, cough, chronic phlegm, diseases of teeth, and induces appetite. It is an excellent ayurvedic expectorant.

This excellent ayurvedic remedy can also be prepared in the following way. 10 gm of the root is soaked in 500 ml hot water for 3 hours and then filtered, and the filtered water is then mixed with 50 ml of honey. This consumed 3 times a day gives the same results.

A small piece of the root chewed and juice gulped cures vomiting, cough. A piece of sugar candy can be taken along with this.

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