Ayurvedic Home Remedy Oriental Lotus (Thamarai)

Botanical Name: Nelumbium Speciosum.

Parts utilised: Flower, seed, petals, tuber.

Taste: Sweet, sour.

Thamarai (Tamil) or lotus flower is used in Ayurveda as a coolant and is used as an excellent remedy for healing internal wounds.

The tuber is used for cooling internal heat generated by spicy and hot foods.

The seeds are used for strengthening the body.

Sugar, honey and the pollen of the lotus are mixed together and consumed. This taken for 120 days can cure impotency and effeminate characteristics in men.

White lotus cools the body of the heat created by other drugs.

Seeds of white lotus help in curing tastelessness.

The tuber of white lotus helps in cooling the eyes, cough, and stomach ache.

The seeds of the white lotus powdered and 2 gm of the powder taken internally for two weeks strengthens the body.

The petals of the lotus flower can be placed on the eyelids for about 20 minutes to cure redness and itching in eyes caused by excessive heat.

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