The Ayurvedic Home Remedy Pepper

The native land of the famous Eastern spice, black pepper, is India. Black pepper beans are the dried up unripe fruits of the evergreen liana, which grows exclusively in the tropics. According to the doctors of the ancient East only black pepper increases digesting force of the stomach and the energy of the nervous system, strengthens muscles, and has no match in this.

Upon consumption, black pepper opens the phlegm (what many people suffering from chronic bronchitis vainly try to achieve), warms the organs of digestion, improves appetite, treats sour eructation, dilutes thick blood of melancholic and phlegmatic people, expels the winds from the intestines. In case of the increase in brain moisture (swelling, rise in intracranial pressure) peas of pepper should be chewed with raisins. The saliva should be periodically spit out: excess moisture will come out together with it. This procedure is to be carried out 5-10 minutes daily in the course one month. In case of quinsy, cough with phlegm, bronchitis, delay or absence of menstruation mix black pepper powder with honey: 1 table spoon of the powder with 1 glass of pure honey. Take 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a day. Also pepper with honey is used as a diuretic in case of edema and heart diseases.

For increasing the tone of the organism and improving the man's potency black pepper should be mixed with sugar in equal proportions; dissolve half the teaspoon of the mixture in a glass of milk and drink it. According to the ancients, this potion has an effect in love affairs from the moment of first consumption. A week course of treatment would essentially stimulate the organism. Black pepper powder mixed in equal proportions with henna is an excellent external remedy for the treatment of skin diseases.

By adopting from the treatises of the ancient East physicians the way of treating vitiligo with the help of black pepper, we were assured in the effectiveness of this treatment on our own medical practice (vitiligo, which appears in the decoloured areas of the skin, has practically no treatment in modern medicine). The powder of black pepper is mixed with equal amount of soybean and pea flour (it is better to use the flour from chickpeas, but if you cannot find it, usual peas would be fine). All this is mixed with chicken fat until reaching the consistence of ointment, with which the decoloured areas of skin are rubbed everyday before going to bed; this treatment lasts for 40 days.

Black pepper is a remedy for removing stones from kidneys. For this purpose take the raisins from black grapes, remove the pits, and put one pea of black pepper in their place. This remedy is taken one piece per day before lunch (better between 12 and 1pm) in the course of one week. The stones become small and are taken out with urine.

In case of radiculitis, osteochondrosis, articular pains, facial nerve neuritis, paralysis the weakened muscles are rubbed with oil, which is prepared like this: add 1 table spoon of black pepper powder to a glass of olive oil, lead to boiling on small heat, boil for 5-10 minutes, cool, filter and use for rubbing.

At the initial stage of adenoma of the prostate the following medicine is prepared. Take one part black pepper, two parts nut-galls (sold in the bazaar among spices), two parts dry pomegranate skins, and pound all this finely in a mortar or a coffee-grinder. Drink the received powder (for example, with the extract of dogrose and honey) 1 teaspoon before meal 2 times a day in the course of one month.

In the case of falling hair mix black pepper with salt (in equal proportions) and onion juice (until the formation of liquid squash), rub heavily into the hair roots, keep for 20-30 minutes before washing the hair. One can use the extract of black pepper with vodka for the same purpose (2 table spoons of pepper on a half-liter bottle, infusing in a dark place for 7 days).

It is necessary to take into account the contra-indications for all the stated kinds of internal taking of black pepper, which it has at acute inflammations of the urinary bladder and kidneys. It is prohibited to use pepper in case of anemia, allergic diseases, stomach and duodenum ulcers.


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