Ayurvedic Home Remedy Thippili (Piper Longum)

Even though hundreds and thousands of herbs and minerals are used in Ayurvedha and Siddha systems of medicine, thippili alone is called as ‘aadhi marundhu’ or the primary medicine.

This grows in South India, and in Andaman and Nicobar islands.

The dry fruit and root of this herb have immense medicinal value.

It helps in digestion, acts as an exceptional expectorant, increases memory, increases immunity, and strengthens the nerves.

Some ayurvedic home remedies using thippili.

For asthma and cold, chukku (dry ginger), pepper, and thippili are taken in equal quantities by weight and ground together into a fine powder. This powder is then taken with honey 3 times a day. This helps in loosening the mucus and expels it.

For cough, bloated stomach, and dizziness, ½ teaspoon of powdered thippili is mixed in hot milk and taken internally.

To stop diarrhea, drink a glass of warm water mixed with ½ teaspoon thippili.

To put on weight, overcome debility and cure impotency, drink a glass of warm milk mixed with one tablespoon of thippli powder every night before going to bed.

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