Ayurveda and Mouth Ulcers

The saliva in the mouth is there to protect the tongue, palate, throat, gums from ulcers. Hot substances like chillies, hot fluids and solids etc gets moderated by the action of saliva.

During the summer season, just as water in the atmosphere gets depleted, so too the water content in the body gets depleted. To overcome the effects of such depletion, following procedures can be followed.

  • Gargle your mouth with water many times during the day.
  • Fill your mouth with water and then wash your face.
  • Dab a little amount of butter or ghee on the tongue 3-4 times a day.
  • Gargle your mouth with coconut milk.
  • Chew a few grains of linseed.
  • Chew palm candy, raisins, bananas, seeds of cucumber, almond, etc for some time.
  • Milk of adhimadhuram (licorice), turmeric etc mixed in milk and taken 3-4 times a day.
All the above can soften the aggression of a nasty mouth ulcer.

Also taking a decoction made of masikkai (nut-gall) can cure mouth ulcers.

Water mixed with honey and gargled can assuage mouth irritation and heal mouth ulcers.

Similarly gargling with coconut oil also heals mouth ulcers.

Manathakali keerai (Black Nightshade – Solanum Nigrum) is an excellent remedy for mouth ulcer. This green can be chewed raw to heal mouth ulcers quickly.

A sort of white thick milk will ooze out of a tender papaya when it is pierced. This milk when applied on the mouth ulcers can cure them.

Junk food, bad oral practices, taking high dose drugs without consulting doctors etc can cause mouth ulcers.

Triphala choornam 3 gm, adhimadhuram 2 gm, honey and ghee all these are mixed to form a paste. This paste when applied on the ulcers heals them. This is to be done before going to bed.

Also “Mahathiktham” taken morning and evening on empty stomach helps cure mouth ulcers.

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