Tips for the Aged

A few centuries ago, when modern medical sciences were at their nascent stage, majority of the population was decimated by one contagious disease or other and the other major killer was wars.

Development in medical sciences has increased the life span of human beings. More than 40% of the society is made up of people above their 50s. People age gracefully when they are treated gracefully.

Some health tips while you age gracefully:

Meditation and prayer help maintain peace and serenity.

Unconditional forgiveness and anger management will go a long way in reducing stress.

Be contended with what you have and be happy.

Eliminate stressors to reduce strain on nervous system.

Add more of fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Develop a hobby. You have more time at your disposal to do things that you longed to do.

Exercise daily. Yoga and other forms of mild exercises like Tai Chi are good.

Walk at least 2-3 miles everyday either in the morning or evening in the open air. Fresh air rejuvenates.

Be amiable with the younger generation. Treat them as your friends. Not all are indifferent to old.

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