More on Vata Dosha

The basic characteristics of vata dosha as defined by Charaka Samhita are, it is dry and rough, cool, light in weight, very tiny, always moving, broad, unlimited, and rough.

The constituents of vata are space and air. People with predominance in vata basically are thin, have a delicate skin that is dry. They are agile both in speech and action and are extroverts. They are a creative lot, with lots of enthusiasm. They prefer a warm atmosphere. A well-balanced vata personality exhibits all of the above characteristics.

Exposure to cold dry winds, excessive travel, too much mental exertion, indulging in too much of dry or raw foods etc can exacerbate vata dosha.

When the balance is vitiated it leads to various complications, and when left unattended to it can lead to many diseases.

Signs of a vitiated vata
  • Constantly worried, fretful
  • Feel tired but unable to relax
  • Unable to fall asleep at bedtime
  • Skin dry, parched
  • Hair brittle with split ends
  • Irregular digestion with abdominal gas
  • Infrequent bowel movements
  • Feel spaced out, short term memory loss

A good ayurveda physician can guide you through a diet and lifestyle to normalize the vitiated vata dosha.

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