Pitta and Ayurveda

The basic characteristics of pitta dosha as defined by Charaka Samhita are, it is hot, sharp and burning, acidic and liquid, flowing without restrictions, pungent.

The constituents of pitta are fire and water. People with predominance in pitta are of medium build, sensitive and warm skin, thin hair prone to premature greying. They show determination in their thoughts, words and actions. They prefer a cooler is atmosphere. They are a confident lot and have entrepreneurial skills.

A well-balanced pitta personality exhibits all of the above characteristics.Exposure to hot temperatures, emotional trauma, indulging in excessive consumption of spicy foods, skipping meals etc can exacerbate pitta dosha.

When the balance is vitiated it leads to various complications, and when left unattended to it can lead to many diseases.

Signs of a vitiated pitta

  • constantly critical, impatient, irritable
  • obsession with work
  • Irritation or sensitiveness of skin
  • Hair loss
  • heartburn or GERD
  • Thirsty all time
  • Hot even in indoors
  • Spewing out sarcastic comments on least provocation

A good ayurveda physician can guide you through a diet and lifestyle to normalize the vitiated pitta dosha.

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