Meet My Siddha Physician

Dr. Pulavar Vinayagam is a Siddha physician of repute. He lives in North Chennai, in Otteri to be exact. An unassuming personality, he has been practicing for over 40 years as a Siddha specialist. He is also the secretary of Tamil Nadu Siddha Vaidhya Sangam. He teaches yoga on Saturdays and Sundays. He uses ayurveda preparations along with siddha medicines. And he has been my physician for the past 20 years. Almost all of my health problems have been solved after I started using his Siddha preparations. He is a good listener and has always cleared my doubts. He is also a Tamil scholar and has written a couple of books in spite of his busy schedule.

I am also in the process of interviewing him on your behalf. So if you have any questions regarding Siddha or Ayurvedha systems you can contact me. I will come back to you with his insights regarding your problems.

Now, a little bit about Siddha system from Dr. Vinayagam’s book ‘Siddha Maruthuvam’. The content is in question and answer format.

Question: Please brief us on different parts of Siddha system and its speciality.

Dr. Vinayagam: Siddha system is a spiritually oriented system. Yogam, gnanam, vatham, vaithiyam, jothidam and manthrikam are the different aspects of Siddha system. Siddha system classify diseases as 4448 in number which manifest as a result of disharmony in vali, azhal and aiyam (vata, pittha and kapha). Siddha system claims to have remedy for all the diseases that afflict mankind. The basic tenet of Siddha is ‘food as medicine and medicine as food’. In fact it is a way of life. The system advocates vegetarianism. But some Siddha remedies contain animal products like deer horn, snail flesh etc.

Siddha system was not only adept at regaining the lost harmony it also helped maintain it. To that end the system exhorts a typical day to day activity that includes dhyanam or meditation, tapas or austere practices, kayakalpam, and vasi practice. Jothida naadi, or astrology refers to writings of Siddhars (founders of Siddha system of medicine). It is said that Siddhars were guided by a superior force to write about the future of human beings. These writings offer ways and means for people to overcome their problems be it physical, mental or spiritual.

The Siddhars by virtue of their wisdom and insight used herbs and minerals available in nature to cure ailments that afflicted mankind.

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