Some More Remedies for Baldness and Hair Loss

One Siddha preparation that can help cure premature balding is to rub garlic in honey and applying the ensuing paste in areas bald. Regular application once a day can help hair growth in those areas.

In case of bald patches due to autoimmune disease following remedies may be used. Pepper powder, small onion (shallot) and salt are ground together to a fine paste and applied on affected areas. Another remedy is to burn and char elephant tusk and mix this powder in honey to form a fine paste. Apply this paste on affected areas. Both these methods are effective in treating bald patches.

Sometimes there is loss of hair as a side effect of certain fevers. In such circumstances, after head bath first wipe out all water using a soft towel. Then grind an onion to a fine paste. Mix honey to this paste and apply it in affected areas.

Take 100 ml of kuppaimeni juice and 100 ml of coconut oil. Mix the two in a wide pan. Also crush 25 grams of root of kuppaimeni plant and extract its juice in a separate bowl. Now heat the 100ml kuppaimeni juice and 100 ml coconut oil mixture. After 5 minutes add the root extract to it and allow the mixture to simmer for another 5 minutes. Remove from fire and allow it to cool. Store it in a bottle in a cool dry place. Apply regularly on scalp for quick results.

Another hair oil based on Siddha herbs. Juice of henna leaves 50 ml, cow’s milk 500 ml, sesame oil or gingely oil 400 ml are mixed and heated. Allow the mix to boil for sometime. Once it is boiled for nearly 5 min, allow it to cool and store in a bottle. This oil is helps in luscious hair growth.

Now a cure for headache.

Kasthuri manjal (curcuma aromatica), karuva pattai (wild cinnamon), sandal paste, korai kizhangu) (coco grass or nutgrass), samprani (Boswellia serrata Var glabra), cloves (krambu), vaal milagu (Java pepper) 4 gm of each of these are collected and ground to a fine paste using mother’s milk. Heat the mix to boil and then allow it to cool. When it reaches a lukewarm state, apply on forehead, nape, as a thick paste. This can help cure chronic headaches.

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