Siddha Remedies for Hair Problems

Writings of Siddhars

The Siddhars presented their recipes for herbal tinctures and base metal amalgams in poetic form. In fact all of their writings, be it their philosophical ideas or yogic practices all of these were in poems with difficult meters similar to those of the epics of the Sangam Age of Tamil Nadu.

Their works are full of tantric imagery, references to Kundalini, the sleeping serpent power that resides in each of us, and also ways to control this power. The esoteric nature of their imagery and their philosophy which defies human logic resulted in their works still being not translated.

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The Siddhars have classified diseases as 4,448 in number and prescribed medicines in the form of herb, roots, salts, metals and mineral compounds. They formulated methods to process metals, minerals, herbs and natural raw materials to make churnams, chenthurams and leyhams, etc. (Churnam is in the form of powder, leyham is in the form of a thick paste). Siddha practitioners claim that there is mention of treating AIDS in the writings of the Siddhars. AIDS was called "Vettai Noi" in the Siddha parlance. In Chennai some AIDS patients are treated with Siddha remedies along with their regular allopathic treatment.

"Vettai Noi" is due to Azhal Kurtrum (fault of pittam or bile, acidic nature) exhibited in the blood stream. To treat this they prescribe a regimen based on herbs namely arugampul(Cynodon Dactylon Pers), karisilankanni (Eclipta Alba Hassk), musumusukkai (Mukai Scavrillia), thoodhuvalai (Solanum Trilobatum Linn) and jeeragam (Luminum Cyminum)

Now for some Siddha remedies for baldness.

Athimathuram (Indian Liquorice) is powdered. Buffalo’s milk is added and made into a paste. This paste is applied to the bald areas. Bathe after 5 – 10 minutes. Regular application helps hair growth in bald areas.

Kuppaimeni (Acalypha Indica) and coconut oil ½ litre each is taken. Root of kuppaimeni 35 gm is cleaned and ground to a fine paste. This is added to the coconut oil. Again add kuppaimeni juice to the oil and heat the whole mixture. Allow the mixture to boil for a while. Remove this from stove and allow it to cool. Filter the mixture and store the oil in a bottle. Apply this oil on head 15 minutes before you take bath. This too helps baldness.

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