Some Home Remedies of Siddha System

From today for the next thirty days I will be blogging about home remedies based on Siddha medicinal system. Siddha system is said to be the oldest form of medicinal system, a few centuries older than Ayurveda. It is said that the Siddha system was developed by Siddhas or the enlightened ones.

The history of Siddha system is an interesting one as is the history of the Siddhas who developed it. These Siddhas were said to be spiritually evolved personalities who gained insight of the mysteries of universe through their austere meditation practices.

Most of the herbs used to make Siddha concoctions are available in South India and Sri Lanka. Kolli Hills in Tamil Nadu is the abode for various medicinal herbs.

I will start with the head problems, or hair problems rather. After scouring through my collections I came across the following two remedies for head lice.

1. Before going to bed, spread leaves of Karunthulasi (Ocimum Sanctum no labiatae) also known as Krishna thulasi on your pillow. Sleep on the leaves. Lice will go away unable to bear the smell of the leaves.

2. Mix mercury in kuppaimeni (acalypha indica) juice. Soak a cotton twine in this mixture. After some time take out the twine and dry it in shade. Before going to bed tie one of the twine to the hair and leave the other end hanging over to the ground. It is found that lice will go out through this twine.

Given below is a preparation that helps luscious hair growth.

Gooseberry juice one litre and fresh kadukkai juice one litre are mixed in a glass container. 100 gm of serankottai or semecarpus anacardium nut is cut to pieces and added to this mixture. This mixture is then transferred to a glass bottle and the lid closed tight. The bottle is buried in earth for one month.

After one month, take the bottle out, filter the ingredients. Take two litres of pure coconut oil, heat it over stove and add the filtered liquid onto coconut oil. Heat the whole mixture for sometime and let it not boil. Cool the oil and filter it again. Save the oil in a bottle. Apply one teaspoonful of this oil to your scalp for luscious hair growth. This also helps to cure premature graying.

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