Chlorine, hair fall and Ayurveda

One reason for hair loss or early baldness is the chemical content in the water we drink and bathe, especially for people who live in big towns and cities. The civic agencies add chemicals to water to eliminate disease causing germs and make it potable. They add chlorine to kill bacteria and fluoride to aid healthy teeth. This water is then supplied through the public distribution system. When we drink this water we ingest harmful chemicals that can play havoc with our health.

One way to overcome this problem is by drinking bottled water. But that too has its own perils. First off we are not sure of the additives that make the water tasty. Also, bottled water may be stored for long periods of time before they reach us. This also can bring down its purity.

Both fluorine and chlorine are detrimental to our health when ingested over a long time. Fluoride affects our thinking and is detrimental to brain tissues. Similarly chlorine causes arteriosclerosis i.e., narrowing of arterial walls. This can lead to heart attack. It exacerbates asthma and respiratory illnesses. Externally, chlorine irritates the skin and aggravates allergies.

Also when we take a shower using chlorinated water, our skin is exposed to the harmful effects of chlorine. Our scalp just like the bottom our feet easily absorbs chemicals they come in contact with. It is said that we absorb more chlorine this way that by drinking a glass of chlorinated water.

Using a shower filter is a good solution. A search in the internet can get you a good one. And if you swim a lot, use swimming caps.

Now a remedy for a particular type of hair fall.

Some have the problem of round patches of hair falling out completely. This condition is called alopecia areata. It is also called spot baldness. It is thought to be an autoimmune disease. In most cases, the hair grows back completely.

Ayurveda texts suggest elephant teeth or tusk for this. People who make toys out of ivory leave out small bits and pieces as waste. Collect this waste and place them in a wide mouthed mud pot. Close this pot with a clay lid or another pot and the whole set up is covered with wet earth. Burn this whole set up in open air (this will give out a very strong odour hence outdoor burning). Once the pieces are burnt to ash, powder it, and mix it with equal amount of anjana stone or anjanakall (you will get it from herbal shops in Tamil Nadu and Kerala). Grind them to a fine paste. Apply this paste to the affected areas.

If you find it difficult to get this, you can get gajathantha basmam from ayurveda medical shops. Mix this basmam with a few drops of maalathyathi thailam and make a fine paste. Apply this paste over affected areas. After a few days, hair will grow in the affected area. At this stage, mix maalathyathi thailam with neelibringamala thailam and again apply it over the scalp and hair roots in this area. You will find that hair starts go grow lusciously over the affected part.

Also aarakvadharishtham 20 ml taken internally both morning and evening after food can help strengthen the hair follicles.

Note: All information in this blog is for educational purposes only. For specific medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment, consult your doctor.

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