Siddha System a precursor to Ayurveda, and Siddha herbs for Hair

As mentioned in my earlier article, Siddha system of medicine was developed in South India. The early text books written by Siddhas were in Tamil. The Dravidian civilization was at its zenith then. Plenty of notes on the Siddha medicines could be found in epics of those times. Thirumoolar Thirumandiram and Tholkappiyam are examples. This was before the Aryans occupation of the Sind region and Gangetic plain.

The therapeutics of Siddha medicines consist of mainly metals and minerals and herbs. The earlier Ayurveda texts do not mention metals and minerals, while from the beginning Siddha texts mention mercury, sulphur, copper, arsenic and gold and there usage in therapy.
Siddha medicinal philosophy is based on the premise that what is there in the cosmos is there in human body, in short humankind is made up of the same material as that of the universe. The system sees harmony in the Universe and wants to establish the same harmony in the human body mind and spirit using the herbs, minerals and metals.

Another feature of the Siddha medicine is that most of the preparations are in compond formulation. So by its synergistic action, toxicity is diminished. The pharmacodynamics of this system is entirely different from other systems of medicines.

To know more about some great Siddhas like Bhogar etc visit the website. This website mainly deals with the alchemy aspect for which the Siddha system is very famous.

Now for some remedies for hair problems.

A noted Siddha remedy for dandruff. Take 5 gm of alum, green vitriol 1 gm and mix them in water. Apply the mixture on the scalp and wash it off after 15 minutes. Do not use plastic or rubber combs to the hair for a few days. Bathe your head with neem bark decoction.

For premature greying and dizziness. Curry leaves (250 – 400 gm) are ground to a fine paste and then moulded to small round flat forms and dried in shade. Heat coconut oil 1kg over stove and add this dried curry leaf cakes when the oil is about to boil. Add a tiny amount of camphor to the oil and allow the whole oil to cool. Once cooled, store the oil in a glass bottle. Regular application of this oil, (once a day) should solve premature greying.

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