Some Siddha Remedies for Memory Enhancement

Brahmi and vallarai (pennywort) are regarded as memory enhancing herbs. These herbs have similar properties and have been known traditionally as promoters of mental faculties. While Brahmi is used in treating depression, anxiety etc, vallarai is effective in improving mental functions.

Regular intake of these herbs complement well with the usual memory enhancing techniques.

Following are some tips for headache and related stuff.

Crush jasmine flowers and filter out its juice. Using a dropper 3-4 drops are instilled into the nostrils. This helps in clearing headache.

Mix vallarai (pennywort) juice and sesame oil each 100 ml. Heat this mixture and allow it to boil for sometime. Remove from fire and allow it to cool. Filter and store it in a bottle. Daily application on scalp helps in curing headache.

Fruit juice (pomegranate, custard apple, pineapple, papaya etc) mixed with honey and taken daily can help improve memory.

Chukku (dry ginger), thippili (piper longum), ayamodham (thymol seed), adhimadhuram (licorice), koshtam (crape ginger), jeeragam (cumin seeds), manjal (turmeric), induppu (rock salt), maramanjal (Indian barberry or tree turmeric), each 20 mg and pounded together to a nice powder form. 5mg of this is taken daily morning and evening for 41 days for excellent memory. Avoid buffalo milk, curd, ghee etc during these days.

Frequent addition of bottle gourd to your diet is helpful in overcoming depression. It also helps regain equanimity.

Karunjeeragam (black cumin) is ground to a fine paste using juice of betel leaves. This is then applied to swollen cheek and ear area as a thick paste. This helps alleviate the swelling and pain in those areas.

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