Siddha Remedies for Eye Problems

Eyes are sensitive enough to reflect changes that happen internally in our body. We are familiar with doctors checking the eyes for jaundice. Redness of the eyes in many cases is regarded as increase of “heat” in the body, according to Siddha practitioners. They would say the body has “heated up” and it has to be cooled down. To that end they use both external and internal preparations to regain the needed balance. The redness is cleared once this balance is established.

While some problems of the eye may be due to simple “heat” (“heat” in Siddha terms is when the body’s pH becomes acidic, this may be due to deprivation of sleep, stress etc) from a home remedy perspective, it is always advisable to seek the help of a qualified physician if problems persist for more than three days. Certain problems of the eye require a complete study of the individual to diagnose the exact cause.

Now for some simple remedies of the eye.

Neem flowers help improve eyesight. For this purpose dry neem flowers are used, preferably 6 months to one year old. These flowers are fried lightly using ghee and then taken internally in the form of thuvayal.

The extract of crushed jasmine flowers also help improve eyesight. Four drops of this juice is put in the eyes using a dropper. Regular application will help in clearing up the redness of the eye.

Following preparations are used to “cool” the body.

Arugampul (Bermuda grass) root is dried and powdered. This powder is then fried in ghee and taken internally.

Take a small amount of cumin seeds. Boil the seeds in water. Filter the seeds out. The boiled seeds are then taken internally with cow butter.

For irritation of the eye, kadukkai, gooseberry, neem seeds, coconut, and white pepper are taken in equal quantities and ground to a fine paste. This paste is applied on scalp 5 minutes before bathing. Use this paste once in two days until irritation ceases. This simple Siddha home remedy helps clear eye irritation.

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