Some more Siddha remedies for Teeth

For decayed tooth the following preparation can be used.

Chebulic myrobalan (kadukkai), Dried bael fruit or Bengal quince (vilva), salt, these three are collected in equal quantity. Squeeze lemon to these and grind them to a fine paste. Make the paste into a flat piece of cake and allow it to dry. Once dried, burn this cake to a fine ash. This ash is used to clean teeth. This helps cure decayed teeth.

Also to strengthen gums, the following procedure can be adopted.

Boil a few cloves of garlic (3-4) using a glass of water. Add equal quantity of warm water to this glass of water. Use this water to gargle your mouth. While gargling concentrate on the base of the teeth, gums etc. This strengthens the gums and teeth.

A few magizham poo (Mimusops elengi) flowers are chewed and the kept in the mouth for 4-5 minutes. Then they are spit out. Now gargle using water. This helps in strengthening loose teeth and toothache.

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