Some Siddha Remedies for Teeth

In India the twigs of neem tree and banyan tree have been used from time immemorial to clean teeth. Even today you can find people in Indian villages cleaning their teeth using neem twigs. And their strong teeth bear witness to the efficacy of these twigs.

Last week, out of curiosity I started using neem twigs to clean my teeth. I could sense a marked difference in my mouth. My mouth remained fresh throughout the day, which had never happened before.

The neem is a disinfectant and antiseptic. No wonder the Siddha system recommends neem twigs, banyan twigs etc in preparing powders for brushing teeth.

I give below a time tested Siddha tooth powder that can be prepared at home using easily available products.

Twigs of neem tree, mango tree, black plum tree (syzygium cumini), Alexandrian Laurel (punnai), banyan tree, karuvelam or babool (acacia niletica), prickly chaff flower (nayuruvi) are collected. They are powdered and sieved using a piece of muslin. 100 gm of this powder is taken along with 10 gm of fried alum, rice chaff ash 10 gm, sambrani (boswellia serrata var glabra) 10 gm, cloves 3 gm, karuva pattai (wild cinnamon) 3 gm, they are again pounded to a fine powder. Sieve this powder again.

Brushing your teeth using this powder helps cure toothache, pain in gums etc.

Another preparation is as follows.

Pepper 5 gm, chukku (dry ginger) 2 gm, poonkaavi 10 gm, samprani (Boswellia serrata Var.glabra) 10 gm, karuvelam pattai (Acacia nilotica) 40 gm, bottom portion (near stem) of tobacco leaves 5 gm, fried alum 2 gm are taken. They are pounded to powder form. Sieve the powder using muslin. Add 5 gm of camphor to this sieved powder and store it in a bottle. Brush your teeth using this powder morning and evening.

Regular usage helps in curing bleeding of gums, tooth decay etc.

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